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Primo achieve IVA on 6 Renault Trafics

Primo Coachworks has gained Individual Vehicle Aprroval (IVA) from the NSAI for a fleet of vehicles which were delivered to St. Patrick's Centre in Kilkenny.

St. Patrick’s Centre is a dedicated service that provides residential care and development opportunities for children and adults with an intellectual disability. The Centre is currently home to 92 adults and eight children. St. Patrick’s also provides respite and support to the families of 28 children. St. Patrick’s Centre has 24 accommodation units specially adopted for people with high support needs.  The vehicles provided by Primo are Wheelchair accessible, with flexible seating options, allowing St. Patrick's to provide safe and comfortable travel facilities for those in their care.

The fleet of 6 Renault Trafics were fitted with a fully tested flooring system, with flexible seating options.  An internal lift allows wheelchair passengers to access the vehicle easily.  Tinted glass offers a degree of privacy for passengers.  The fleet of vehicles has been thoroughly inspected by the NSAI and the affiliated test centre and have been IVA approved.

Primo is delighted to be associated with St. Patrick's Centre and look forward to a good relationship in the future.

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